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Faculty of Physics
Faculty of Physics

Adam Mickiewicz University



ADDRESS:   Umultowska 85, 61-614 Poznań
PHONE:   +48-61-8295-270
FAX:   +48-61-8257-051

    The Division of Medical Physics emerged from the earlier Solid State Spectroscopy Laboratory by the Adam Mickiewicz University Rector's decision from the 18th of March 1999.

    Research work in Division of Medical Physics is being developed simultaneously along two lines:
electron paramagnetic resonance and electron nuclear double resonance (EPR/ENDOR), its possibilities and applications:
  • molecular dynamics and phase transitions in single crystals (eg. antihypertensive, anticancer, antibiotic drugs, vitamins, steroid hormones)
  • introduction of the concept: EPR prognostic test in oncology - human blood serum
  • archeological and geological dating
  • free radicals study in human tissues, veins, human blood
  • free radicals study in contact lenses
  • EPR imaging (EPRi)
    medical physics:
  • analysis of bioelectrical signals - high resolution electrocardiography (NURSE-ECG)
  • electrical tomography of the heart
  • telemedicine

  • Prof. Ryszard Krzyminiewski
    Head of the Division - prof. Ryszard Krzyminiewski

    Telemedical network MONTE
    Telemedical network - MONTE

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