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Q: Would you like to advertise on "The Internet Guide to POZNAN" ?

A: YES! Nothing easier! We offer two solutions:



Banner placed at the left upper corner of the page.

This solution is designed to provide broad exposure for all visitors.

Banner placed in any available section of our directory.

This solution is designed for advertisers who are interested in reaching visitors with specific interests.


All banner must be formatted to fit our technical specifications.

  • Image File Format:
    GIF Format (gifs-89a, interlaced, noninterlaced or animated with 3 cycles only)
    JPG Format (standard or progressive encoding).

  • Image File Size:
    400 pixels wide by 40 pixels high for Solution 1
    150 pixels wide by 150 pixels high for Solution 2
    72 dpi maximum at actual size
    10 Kb maximum file size

  • Naming Files:
    myfirm.gif or myfirm.jpg

  • Alt-Text Tag Line
    For example: ALT="My Firm"

  • URL Link
    For example: http://my.firm.ext/


50 zl per week
for an advertising banner
in Solution 1
25 zl per week
for an advertising banner
in Solution 2

If necessary we can create your banner; 100 zl one time fee.
We prefer:
Visa Classic Visa Electron

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us.

Welcome to your sponsorship areas! You deliver your banner and we promote your brand on the net.

Thanks for your interest in advertising on "The Internet Guide to POZNAN"!

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