Isidor Isaac Rabi

June 1983 (from API collection) Isidor Isaac Rabi was born in 1898 in Rymanów near Rzeszów, Poland (formerly Austrian annexation). He was brought to the United States by his family, in 1899. In 1919 he graduated Bachelor of Chemistry at Cornell University (New York). He started postgraduate studies in physics at Cornell University in 1921, which he later continued at Columbia University. In 1927 he received his Ph.D. degree for work on the magnetic properties of crystals. In 1929 he was appointed lecturer in Theoretical Physics at Columbia University, and after promotion through the various grades became professor in 1937.

In 1930 Rabi conducted investigations into the nature of the force binding protons to atomic nuclei. This research eventually led to the creation of the molecular-beam magnetic-resonance detection method, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1944. After the II World War he continued his research, which contributed to the inventions of the laser and the atomic clock. Among others he is concerned with the Brookhaven National Laboratory for Atomic Research, an institution devoted to research into the peaceful uses of atomic energy.

Prof. Rabi died peacefully at his New York home, six months short of his 90th birthday, 1988. His work on the magnetic properties of nuclei, including the development of nuclear magnetic resonance, and his role as a peace campaigner during the Cold War have had profound and far-reaching effects throughout physics.

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