The most important
Polish scientific
expeditions and journeys

Year (s) Aim of expedition People
1245-1247 Journey to Mongolia Benedykt Polak
1578 & 1579 Envoys to Crimea M.Broniewski
1583-84 Journey to Palestine, Syria and Egypt M.Radziwill (Sierotka)
1596 Journey to India through Portugal K.Pawlowski
1629-1638 Expedition to Brazil (with Dutch military expedition) K.Arciszewski
1643-1659 Nature investigations and cartographic surveys in China, India and South-eastern Asia M.Boym
1661-1671 Expedition to the Lena drainage basin A.Kamienski (Dluzyk)
1702-1729 Expedition to Persia, Afghanistan Turkey, Palestine and Arabic Peninsula T.Krusinski
1773-1776 The attempt of Madagascar conquest M.Beniowski
1778-1805 Journeys to Turkey, Northern Africa, Mongolia and Caucasus J.Potocki
1795-~1810 Expedition to Yakutsia and Kamchatka J.Kopec
1817-1820 Journey to Arabic Peninsula (Mekka), Syria, Mesopotamia and Turkey M.Rzewuski
1827-1832 Linquistic investigations in China and Mongolia J.Sz.Kowalewski
1834-1843 Scientific journey around the world (North and South America, Polynesia, New zeland, South-eastern Australia, Tasmania, South-eastern Asia) P.E.Strzelecki
1838-1888 Geographical, geological and ethnographical investigations in Chile I.Domeyko
1841-1842 Expedition to the Nile River sources T.F.Bartmanski
1844-1853 Floristic investigations in Central and South America J.Warszewicz
1847-1849 Floristic investigations during expedition to the Nile River sources L.Cienkowski
1847-1865 Triangulation surveys in Caucasus J.Chodzko
1865-1878 Zoological investigations in Guiana and Peru K.Jelski
1865-1882 Zoological, hydrological and ethnographical investigations in Siberia and Kamchatka B.Dybowski
1866-1867 Zoological investigations in Northern Africa A.S.Waga, W.Taczanowski
1870-1894 Nature and ethnographical investigations in Micronesia, Melanesia and New Zeland J.S.Kubary
1871-1875 Geological and geographical investigations in Siberia A.P.Czekanowski
1871-1883 Geographical and geomorphological investigations in Siberia J.Czerski
1875-1884 Zoological investigations in Ecuador and Peru J.Sztolcman
1875-1890 Floristic and geographical investigations in Southern Africa A.Rehman
1878-1893 Ethnographic investigations in Yakutsia W.Sieroszewski
1881-1905 Linguistic investigations in Yakutsia E.Piekarski
1882-1883 First crossing across Southern Island of Nowaja Ziemlja L.Hryniewiecki
1882-1895 Geological and ethnographical investigations in Southern and Central America J.Siemiradzki
1883-1884 Archeological investigations in Turkey and Syria K.Lanckoronski
1883-1885 Geographical and ethnographical investigations in Cameroon S.Rogozinski, L.Janikowski, K.Tomczek
1885-1889 Ethnographical investigations and topographical surveys in mountains of Central Asia B.Grabczewski
1886-1902 Geological investigations in Turkey, Central Asia, Siberia and Alaska K.Bohdanowicz
1886-1905 Ethnographical investigations on Sakhalin and Hokkaido B.Pilsudski
1888-1890 Geological, geographical and floristic investigations in Argentina and Chile H.Zapalowicz
1891-1894 Geographical investigations in Congo and near Tchad Lake J.Dybowski
1894-1912 Linguistic investigations in Siberia and Northern Mongolia W.Kotwicz
1896-1899 Floristic and ethnographic investigations on Java M.Raciborski
1897-1899 Geographic and geophysical investigations in Antarctica (on Belgica, expedition of A. de Gerlache) H.Arctowski, A.B.Dobrowolski
1907-1909 Anthropological and ethnographical investigations in Central Africa J.Czekanowski
1909-1910 Zoological investigations in Eastern and Central Africa A.W.Jakubski
1910 First Polish scientist on Svalbard H.Arctowski
1914-1919 Floristic investigations in Ural Mts., Caucasus and Armenia B.Hryniewiecki
1921-1924 Zoological investigations in Brazil T.Chrostowski, T.Jaczewski
1932-1933 Wintering on the Bear Island Cz.Centkiewicz, Lysakowski, S.Siedlecki
1934 First expedition on Spitsbergen S.Bernadzikiewicz, Mogielnicki, S.Z.Rozycki, B.Zagrajski, A.Zawadzki
1937 First expedition on Greenland A.Kosiba, S.Bernadzikiewicz, A.Gawel, A.Jahn, S.Siedlecki, R.Wilczek, A.Zawadzki
Scientific investigations on Spitsbergen during International Geophysical Year J.Dylik, A.Jahn, A.Kosiba, S.Z.Rozycki, S.Siedlecki
1959 & 1966 First Polish Antarctic expeditions Station Dobrowolski
1960- Archeological investigations in Egypt K.Michalowski (Leader), many Polish teams
Astronomical investigations in Africa K.Kordylewski (Leader) and coworkers
1975- Permanent scientific investigations on Spitsbergen, since 1978 Polar Station Hornsund, many Polish teams
1975First geomorphological expedition to Australia L.Babelek, M.Borowka, P.Gonera, A.Kostrzewski (Leader), K.Rabski, Zb.Zwolinski
1975-1976 First Polish oceanographic expedition on Antarctic seas Research ship Profesor Siedlecki
1977- First permanent Polish scientific station in Antarctica, King George Island S.Rakusa-Suszczewski (Leader), Antarctic Station Henryk Arctowski, many Polish teams
1979-1981 Kayak expedition to the deepest canyon on the World: Colca Canyon, Andes, Peru J.Majcherczyk with friends
1995 Unsupported expeditions on foot to the both Poles in one year M.Kaminski, North Pole together with W.Moskal

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