Narwianski National Park

The symbol of the Park is marsh-harrier (Circus aeruginosus).

Narwianski National Park was established on July 1, 1996, with an area of 7,350 ha. In addition, a buffer zone of 15,408 ha surround the park. The Narew River rises in the Bialowieski Primeval Forest in western Belarus and flows westward through the wooded plains and marshlands.

The mandate of the Park is to protect the wetland ecosystem (5400 ha, 73%) in the natural marshy river valley with its developed system of river channels. Water covers 700 ha (10%) of the whole Park area. The Narew River is one of the last rivers with a natural character found in Poland and all of Europe. It runs through a wide valley with sandy banks that are overgrown with osier. The Park protects the upper Narew River between the villages of Suraz and Zoltki (which is sometimes called "The Polish Amazon"), and neighbouring areas. The upstream part of the Narew River creates an immense valley with flat banks, numerous meanders, and one clear river-bed. From Suraz to Rzedziany there are several river-beds, which make the overflows of Narew and its meanders especially attractive.

There are altogether 52 species of vascular plants including 33 species of rush plants. Forests covers 4% of the entire Park area. About 150 breeding bird species and about 33 mammal species have been found here. There are many bird species one can hardly find in other parts of Europe.

The Polish Amazonia

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