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AGD Studio
The Best

November 3, 1998
Graphical collection of different views of our Planet Earth.
People's Choice WebSite500

September 8, 1998
Picks of the Week

August 17, 1998
Great Globes, Batman! Check out this Gotham-sized collection of globe graphs, gifs and graphics that will give any site a "world" tilt. I'm talking weather maps, flattened globes, spinning globes and just about any image of this great spinning orb called Earth you can imagine. Go around the World 1000 in over 200 ways with this "Schools" site.
Maps Topic

July 22, 1998
Britannica Internet Guide

June 28, 1998
Educational Object Economy

June 4, 1998
A massive collection of information about Earth maps, globes, and other views of planetary information.
The National Academy Press
Cool Science Link

April 20, 1998
StudyWeb Excellence Award

January 12, 1998
Projections, 3D Earth, the globe from space, interlaced globes, and many more.
[Visual Content: **** | Approx. Grade Level: 3+]
Global Family Network

March 22, 1998

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