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The Home & Hearth
Award of Excellence

November 17, 1997
Graphical collection of different views of our Planet Earth.
Birch Lane Science
Cool Science Web Sites

November, 1997
This collection of different views of the Earth includes projections, maps, globes, movies, satellite images, icons, and much more.
CleanWeb Approved Site

October 5, 1997
Learning in Motion®
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October, 1997
The earth is a sphere. Globes are three-dimensional and can accurately show the features of the earth. When you try to represent the three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional map, there are always difficulties in size, scale, and position. The Great Globe Gallery has a collection of different map 'projections' - each showing a slightly different view of the world. There are also some 3-D representations and some specialty maps which show information about ice caps, El Nino, ozone, and more.

How You Can Use This Source:

  • Compare several different two-dimensional representations of the earth. Compare two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations. What are the main differences? Is one map more useful in one situation while another map is more useful in a different situation?
  • View old globes from medieval times. Compare them with modern maps.
  • View specialty maps on earthquakes, nuclear explosions, satellite tracking, and more.
Wellness Education and Support for Teachers Centre

October 1, 1997
Critical Mas Award

September 15, 1997
Yahooligans - Cool Page

September 12, 1997
Magazyn Internet

September, 1997
Swietnie wykonana strona, wyrozniona wieloma nagrodami. Naprawde warto obejrzec!
Learning-Fountain Marketing

August 30, 1997
A great number of maps, projections and views of all aspects of the Globe, geological, sea-floor views, weather maps, satellite tracking, etc.
WebFiler's Wings Award

August 28, 1997

Graphical collection of different views of our Planet Earth Award

August 24, 1997
Orchid Award for Page Excellence

August 20, 1997
Real Estate Library
Pure Gold

August 8, 1997
Incredibly useful sites
Yahoo! Internet Life, Vol 3, No. 7

July, 1997
Our Planet Earth
The Web offers a number of sites to view maps of special spots on our planet. But there is nothing for the student, the navigator, and/or just about any traveler on Spaceship Earth like the Great Globe Gallery. It offers more than a hundred ways to view and think about our big blue marble. See how small Earth looks from space, ogle at depictions of the ozone layer and the ice caps, find out the temperatures of the oceans, puzzle over a time-zone map, look at El Niņo's effect on the atmosphere, revel at the ancient globe, and take a gander at projections into the future. This ponderous site is an education and a travel vacation, all in one package. This one gets you where you live.
COOLEST Site Award

June 24, 1997
GIG's Distinctive Website Award
GIG Consulting

Friday, June 13, 1997
All-in-One Site
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Monday, June 9, 1997
Golden Banner Award

Sunday, June 8, 1997
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Saturday, June 7, 1997
A huge quantity of images of the earth. The site fails to explain itself on the opening, or any page. There are 118 plus links, mostly of the globe in various formats/stages etc.
Premier Page

Saturday, June 7, 1997
The Aloha Award & Pau Hana Award
Topher's Castle in Honolulu, Hawaii

Wednesday, June 4, 1997
Thursday, August 21, 1997
The Great Globe Gallery discovers usual and unusual views and themes of Earth.
Internet Scout Project
The K.I.D.S. Report

Thursday, May 29, 1997
I like the Great Globe Gallery because it has a lot of good connections to graphics of globes and maps such as an antique global projection and a new satellite image of the earth. There are 3D images, cross-sections of the earth, digital elevation models and illustrations of plate tectonics. This is a great site to learn about map projections and globes. For ages 7 to adult.
Reviewed by Kether
Educational Object Economy

Monday, May 19, 1997
A massive collection of information about Earth maps, globes, and other views of planetary information.
Dr. Webster's
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Wednesday, May 14, 1997
Next site up is a bit more specialized than the sites we normally prescribe, but very worthwhile anyway. The Great Globe Gallery is absolutely the last word on its subject on the Net. You remember the old Monty Python "spam" sketch? Well, replace "spam" with globe in the lyrics and you get an idea of what's at this site. Globes, globes and more globes. Seriously, though, there's a great deal of intriguing, useful and cool content on this site. Besides images of globes of every conceivable variety, there's a stunning variety of links covering every imaginable category from atlases to maps and references to wonders of the world. There's countless ways to view the world at this site, from ancient representations to a cool "Earth Viewer" that lets you view current day and night over the world.
Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award

Thursday, April 3, 1997

3G on 3W is a graphical collection of different views of our Planet Earth presented on many ways: general and thematic maps, spinning and artificial globes, satellite images, icons, movies, projections, nets, artistic visions, and much more.
5 Fish Lotsa Links

April, 1997
NetGuide - Life
Snappy Picks: Geography

March 11, 1997
Noteworthy Education Links

Sunday, March 9, 1997
The Great Globe Gallery puts a global spin on geographic visualization with its assortment of swirling globes and other Earthy depictions. Though hardly a substitute for the realthing (you can't put a pin on your screen), this Polish site is as cool a way as you'll find to see the world.
Safe For Kids
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March 2, 1997
Computer Shopper
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March, 1997
When was the last time you saw your mother? Check out for the Great Globe Gallery (G3), an encyclopedic collection of virtual views of Gaia. G3, a labor of love maintained by Zbigniew Zwolinski, based at a university in Poland, presents nearly 100 discrete images of the planet Earth in two and three dimensions.
Zwolinski's intention in developing the site was to illustrate the strengths and shortcomings of traditional 2-D mapping methods. The site provides dozens of illustrations of 2-D globes and planiglobes (spheres projected onto flat planes), as well as numerous 3-D and animated efforts.
Students, budding cartographers, and curiosity-seekers can access virtually any view of the planet they might imagine. Need a view of average global snowfall with national borders sketched in? No problem. A simple picture of the Earth from the moon? Got it. You'll also find some artistic interpretations of the globe, including scans of picturesque and baroque ancient maps. You can download MPEG files of rotating globes, or view them online with the help of a streaming-video plug-in.
The depth of color detail on many views is impressive; some of the relief projections fairly jump off the screen. Viewing in true color (24-bit color) displays them to best effect. The site also provides some interesting links, among them WebEarth, which (with the proper Netscape Navigator plug-ins) serves up a VRML walk-around model of the Earth based on constantly updated satellite images. A GeoSystems link leads to a clearly written and well-presented primer on basic map skills.
Best of all, you can save any of the images on G3 for quick reference or for use as wallpaper. What easier way to think globally, act locally?
Telecolaborate! - Tools

March, 1997
Excellent Science Site Award
Websurfer's Biweekly Earth Science Review

February 21, 1997
The Great Globe Gallery is an exceptional find! G/3 is a compendium of nearly every kind of view (maps & images) of our planet. There are more than 100 sets of images (each with its own subpage) of the globe. The most useful for the map enthusiast or scientist is "Projections", a group of cartoon-style illustrations showing all of the types of map projections (i.e., transverse, mercator, polyconic, lambert, et cetera) currently in use. There are also many thematic geological and environmental maps available; one of the most spectacular of these is number 42, "Crustal Boundaries, Earthquake Centers, and The Pacific Rim of Fire". This page is worth the hour or two it takes to explore completely!
The Supersite for Kids
500 Entertaining and Educational Activities!

February 18, 1997
What a world wide web of globes! We can thank Zbigniew Zwolinski. He trekked all over the World Wide Web to collect interesting maps of all kinds. Check out ozone maps, volcano graphs, and a picture of the Earth's inside! Discover what ancient scholars thought the world looked like, then see what scientist say today.
Your Personal Net

January, 1997
They're not kidding. There are hundreds of views of the whole world here. Click on Projection (just one choice out of dozens) and receive a menu of available globes from Albers Equal Area Conic to Transverse Mercator. Too complicated? Then select The Most Popular View to receive the famous photo shot from the moon. This site is guaranteed to fulfill all your global needs.
Minot Public Schools
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You've got to check this out! This site is the answer to the geographers dreams. It will show you just about any way to look at the world. This includes from different points in space and diverse moments in history. Look at clouds, the seafloor, time zones, the ozone and much more. Note that this site is optimized for Netscape 2.0 and includes lots of graphics.

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