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This World Wide Web (WWW) site, suitable for grades K through 12, is a collection of representations of the Globe from various Internet sources. Links are provided to interactive mapping sites and tutorials on mapping skills. Many of the representations feature environmental data, such as wave action and water temperature, that has been mapped onto globes. Such sites include links to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) homepage. The images gathered on this site include old maps of the earth, topographic displays, and animated spinning globes. Almost anything relating to the globe, maps, or mapping is available from this site, including links to commercial mapping services and retailers of maps. Other links lead to educational sites that feature, for example, environmental data and scripts from an educational radio series on earth science and astronomy.
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Tuesday, December 31, 1996
The Great Globe Gallery puts a global spin on geographic visualization with its assortment of swirling globes and other Earthy depictions. Though hardly a substitute for the realthing (you can't put a pin on your screen), this Polish site is as cool a way as you'll find to see the world. As Webmaster Zbigniew Zwolinski explains, "This collection consists of ...different maps and planiglobes, thematic and historical maps, cartographic nets in various projections (including equal-area as well as conformal ones), satellite images andartificial globes, icons and artistic visions." Choose from the menu of some 70 options, ranging from a South Seafloor Topography to Medieval Globes, or just click Start for a slide show of the world in all its variations, moods and metaphors.
Content: 74, Design: 84, Overall: 80
Fledge Seal of Approval

Monday, December 9, 1996
Get the big picture on our little planet at this way cool site. There are dozens of great photos of the Earth from space, for your viewing pleasure. Go here for scientific interest, or just for the 'oh wow' factor.
Culture Choice Award

Sunday, December 1, 1996
Top 100 of Internet Success

Tuesday, November 12, 1996
3G on 3W is a graphical collection of different views of our Planet Earth.
Independent Web Site Reviews

November, 1996
This site consists of thematic and historical maps, planiglobes, and cartographic nets in various projections, as well as satellite images, icons, and artistic visions. Zbigniew Zwolinski's aim has been to collect images of the Globe as a compliment to education in Earth sciences, geography, cartography, and Geographic Information Systems, as well as to exhibit the diverse artistic renderings of the globe. You'll also find a wealth of detailed data on the earth's history, composition, and relation to other objects in the solar system. Photo credits and annotations are sometimes lacking, but overall this is a striking show.
Quality - Content: Good. Aesthetic: Excellent. TechnoSmart: Good. Overall Rating (out of 18): 16.
Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award

Sunday, October 27, 1996
3G on 3W is a graphical collection of different views of our Planet Earth presented on many ways: general and thematic maps, spinning and artificial globes, satellite images, icons, movies, projections, nets, artistic visions, and much more.
HotSite Of The Nite

September 7-14 1996
Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites
(The Learning Studio)

August 1996
Many, many globes for you to check out. There are 83 different globes included on this page. The page is a bit heavy on the graphic side so you may need to be patient when connecting.
Delta PC - Cool Site

Sunday, July 28, 1996
The DXP Golden Link Award

Wednesday, July 19, 1996
Very nifty page with all sorts of different views and graphics of this here marble we're parked on. Check it out....
Mapping the World by Heart

Hotlink for July 7-14, 1996
A site in Poland devoted to maps and globes; Samples of 20 or more projections, neat graphics, all sorts of interesting images and lessons.
Nerd World Media

July 1996
3G on 3W is a collection of over 200 views of the Globe on globes and maps created in many ways.
Karen's Links Page

Friday, June 18, 1996
A visually & intellectually gratifying look at our planet.
Child-Approved Sites on the Internet

Wednesday, June 12, 1996
Amazing real-time images of the Earth, tons of links to geography sites - everything here is about the planet Earth! Hours of useful information and a great resource!
The Silver Web Award
for Outstanding Family-Friendly
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Wednesday, June 12, 1996
Wow! After visiting this site, we came away with a tremendous appreciation (and sense of awe) for our planet. A must for students of any age.
The Golden Seal Award

Wednesday, June 12, 1996
Internet Update on CKNW Radio

Monday, June 10, 1996
Three Globes on three W's, this site offers lots of graphics, incredible views of the globe from space, and information on topics like sea surface temperatures, Pacific winds, earthquakes, volcanic influences and the El Nino, to name a few.
Puppy's Pick of General Media

Friday, June 7, 1996
The Internet Board at MDLink

Wednesday, June 5, 1996
Hexagon's forté Award
Hexagon's forté Award

Monday, June 3, 1996
This is a great site with so many images of the world, it's almost mind-boggling. There are lots of other nifty graphics there, too (check out that kewl background!)
"Approved by Da Man" Award

Sunday, June 2, 1996
CMR's Custom Graphics

Saturday, June 1, 1996
Mercator's World - Magazine

June 1996
The Newscientist: Planet Science
Site of the Day

Friday, May 31, 1996
Maps of the globe in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, from projections to land/sea temperatures to medieval globes. The page also includes (for no particular reason) a Java applet which displays the number of hours, minutes and seconds until the year 2000. One entertaining globe that its author missed is the Web Globe - a VRML globe with regularly updated satellite pictures superimposed on its surface.
The Yakko's Flying High Award

Monday, May 27, 1996
Computer Currents Interactive's Link of the Week

Monday, May 20, 1996
This web page must portray every possible way of viewing the Earth. See the Earth in 3D, from space, and in digital elevation models. Look at satellite views and mapping of sea surface temperatures, ocean dynamic topography, ozone zones, ice caps and permafrost, winds, volcano influences, crustal boundaries, and earthquake centres. See ancient globes, medieval globes, fantasy globes, rotating and spinning globes, artificial globes, astroglobes. See how globes are divided by longitude and latitude, political boundaries, or time zones. Study the different projections such as conic, azimuthal equidistant, bipolar oblique conic conformal, gnomonic,Mercator, orthographic, pseudocylindrical, sinusoidal, stereographic, and cylindrical; and read explanations of how the projections work. The Great Globe Gallery also sponsors the Earth & Sky Radio Series, which offers programs seven days a week of high-quality scientific information about the natural world. Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment is a worldwide network of students, teachers, and scientists working together to study and understand the global environment. Find out how to join the GLOBE program at this site.
Wynterhawk's Award of Excellence!

Sunday, May 19, 1996
Infinite Fish - The Knob Award

Sunday, May 19, 1996

If the acronym's not obvious (and it's not), it's actually the GGG on the WWW, which stands for the Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web. If there's anyone in the universe who knows what our planet looks like, its this guy. In the 3G, there are images and projections of the Earth from space, digital elevation models, the Ozone, wind speed and wave height, terrestrial impact structures(?), icons, clouds, ancient and medival globes, volcano influences, satellite tracking, and the list goes on and on! There are so many images of the Earth here, it's downright ridiculous!
ART ala Carte SPECIAL! Award

Saturday, May 18, 1996
Zbigniew Zwolinski has the whole world in his hands!
Blue Web'n Library of Learning Applications

Wednesday, May 15, 1996

This collection of different views of the Earth includes projections, maps, globes, movies, satellite images, icons, and much more.
Main Street Earth Library

Monday, May 6, 1996
A gallery dedicated to views of this blue planet; many perspectives of Earth that are visually stunning & informative
Web Pioneer Design

Sunday, May 5, 1996
You bet it spins! This is the place for all the info on good old Planet Earth, landforms and geomorphology you could ever want - plus globes that spin, globes that just sit there, movies, and more!
The Kaleidoscope cool site

May 1996
ProgramONE Radio Network

Friday, April 26, 1996

Thursday, April 25, 1996
Forget that old globe sitting on your desk. If you don't find the right view of the world here, call an optometrist
Virtual Reference Sites

Monday, April 22, 1996
Presenting the Greatest Globe Show on the Web! Over 200 spectular views, projection show and more
INTERNET 1996 World Exposition

April, 1996
Corona Vallaris Gallery

Saturday, March 23, 1996
Planet Earth Inc.

Tuesday, March 5, 1996
A#1 Quality Directory

Monday, March 4, 1996
This site is great if you've got a lot of time to kill and want to wait the full 3 minutes for the first page to load. These folks have included all the latest bells and whistles on this page that leads to numerous representations of this tiny planet for small minds. 60 or so to be precise. Front page uses the latest in browser annimation and is quite a show in and of itself. Actually quite an entertaining site if your not doing anything else in particular
Silver Execom's favorities

Sunday, February 4, 1996
This is a really cool page, if you are into our cool planet Earth! You can see the history of it, movies of it, and different views of it...
Top 10 of Cyberville Radio Link Launcher

Friday, January 19, 1996
AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night

Thursday, January 18, 1996
At this time they have 63 different pages with globes or worlds to choose from. There are ancient, medieval, modern and space age globes. There are globes that show clouds, temperatures, volcanic influence, time zones and more. A magnificent web site
Platinum Pictures Multimedia, Inc.

Monday, January 8, 1996
My Virtual Reference Desk

My Virtual Encyclopedia, 1996
Peace Torch

Best of the Web
Luckman Interactive

July 6, 1998

The title says it all. Large, stunningly beautiful graphics of planet Earth characterize this site. Visitors will find a clean, bright page that offers varied views and representations of the globe. Earth from space, ocean dynamic topography, ice caps and permafrost, Pacific Ocean winds, volcanic influences, ozone shots, black and white views, icons, geological maps, satellite images, and artificial globes, among many others are featured. There are over 60 different globe graphics here.

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