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October 2000
"Dünyanin uydudan çekilmiş fotograflari, güneş ve dünya fotograflari, yerküreyle ilgili çeşitli ikonlar, deprem haritalari ve birçok çeşitli konuda haritalar bulacaksiniz..".
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May 5, 2000
Many, many globes for you to check out. There are 83 different globes included on this page.
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March 5, 2000
The Great Globe Gallery culls hundreds of projections and images from many sources into an amazing resource for anyone interested in Planet Earth. Visitors should plan on spending as much time as possible here, the collection is just that good. Available in both English and Polish language versions, The Great Globe Gallery has many familiar images, but for every one you have seen, there are two or three you may not have. Thanks to Phil Konstantin for suggesting this site.
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February 2, 2000
Listing of globes and projections online. Includes illustrations of time zones, El Nino, elevation projections, temperature, wind and wave patterns.

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