Arkadiusz Jabłoński, dr. habil.

(more officially: Arkadiusz Marek Jabłoński, since 1970,

more unofficially: Arkadiusz Yaboo Jabłoński, since no later than 1989)

currently holds a post of associate professor in Japanese and general linguistics in the Department of Japanese Studies at the (links to the respective WWW services are given below):

Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU)

Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures

Chair of Oriental Studies

Furthermore, as an assistant professor and visiting professor, A.J. is also professionally (and: emotionally) related to the:

Nicolaus Copernicus University

Japanese Language & Culture Center

A.J. is interested in Japanese honorifics, the issues of Japanese-Polish translation/interpretation, the pragmatics of Japanese and Polish intra-cultural and cross-cultural communication, as well as in the contemporary Japanese grammar and morphology.

Above all, he is of the opinion that Japanese language is simply one of fairly many languages of the world. Due to this simple fact, its properties can and should be described in a logical and not-necessarily-exotic manner. The description should be made in the first place according to the typological properties of Japanese, which can be verified in a relatively easy and immediate manner, not necessary depending on the omnipresent manner of currently dominating English-centered approach to the linguistic facts of multiple non-English languages (yes, Japanese is different from English!)

Years pass and people change, but his mottos (exactly as mentioned in the initial and even more unprofessional version of this page, dated 1996 - yes, it's the previous century!) remain constantly:

Practice what you preach.


Trahimur omnes studio laudis.

Accordingly, his favourite foundation, as its multi-time Fellowship beneficiary, is The Japan Foundation.

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