Advanced Bosniac Language and Culture Orientation Development


Intensive 12-Day Immersion Program


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The Arizona State University Critical Languages Institute (henceforth the contractor) shall provide multiple sessions of a two-week advanced Bosniac language and culture orientation development immersion program. The contractor will be responsible for the design of the course, preparation of instructional materials, as well as course implementation.


Dates and Venues


Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (East Campus), Bosnian Muslim heritage centers (mosque, stores, restaurants, homes, etc.) in the Phoenix metropolitan area, two-week periods at any time during spring and fall semesters, subject to availability of the venue.




Prof. Danko Šipka – principal instructor, course design and oversight (,

Zlata Filipović (


Immersion facilitators


Three native speakers with at least high-school education, recent Bosnian immigrants to the United States, selected and trained by Prof. Šipka to conduct the immersion section.




Participants are expected to have attained at least ILR level 3 proficiency in Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian).




Participants are expected to acquire specific features of Bosnian Muslim standard and substandard language forms as well as to attain basic proficiency in Bosnian Muslim culture, politics, subculture, and social psychology. In particular, vocabulary items and grammatical structures related to the following fields should be mastered: Black Market; Police activities; Falsification and business of identification documents such as passports and visas; Dissatisfaction with Americans; Terrorism; Narcotics trafficking; Weapons smuggling; Human smuggling; Forced prostitution; Cultural, economic, and political background on the Bosnian Muslims and their interactions with their Croatian and Serbian neighbors. Participants are expected in particular to improve their listening and reading comprehension skills in Bosnian Muslim standard and substandard language forms.




Cognitive code methodology is employed synergistically with the communicative contrastive approach. In-class activities, immersion activities, and homework assignments include both cognitive-code oriented analysis of the material and communicative contrastive role-playing scripts. The following modes of instruction will be employed.


  1. In-class general instruction
    1. reading, translating, summarizing, discussing about lesson texts and authentic printed materials
    2. performing written and oral grammatical exercises
    3. communicating with the instructor
    4. listening to audio material, transcribing and summarizing
    5. watching and summarizing video materials
    6.  role playing
    7. listening to and singing songs
    8. playing linguistic games
  2. In-class lab/computing work
    1. performing computational drills (grammar, communicative skills, listening comprehension, etc.)
    2. listening to, transcribing, and summarizing audio recordings
    3. browsing the Internet (Web sites and chat clients of interest)
  1. Homework
    1. grammatical and lexical drills
    2. compositions
    3. preparing for role-playing exercises
  1. Immersion
    1. conversation with native speakers
    2. visiting sites of worship (two Serbian Orthodox Churches and a Bosnian Muslim Mosque)
    3. visiting ethnic stores, bars, and restaurants
    4. visiting homes of the immigrants and their gatherings (e.g., concerts, soccer games, etc.)


Design of the Course


Distribution of activities within this course encompasses the following areas with the following relative weights: Listening comprehension - 40%, Reading comprehension - 15%, Speaking – 20%, Background/area studies - 15%, Grammar - 10%. In-class activities include various activities such as role playing, keeping track of unknown words in movies and on tapes, summarizing textual, audio, and video material, recognizing non-standard grammatical features, etc. 


The participants will conform to the following weekday schedule:


8 am-12 noon:   In-class instruction

12 noon-1 pm:   Lunch break

1 pm-4 pm:        In-class instruction

4 pm-6 pm:        Dinner break

6 pm-7 pm:        Homework

7 pm-10 pm:      Immersion


Course Materials


This syllabus and the texts used in class will be disseminated in printed format. Other materials such as lexical lists, audio clips, maps, lists of Web sites and bibliographical units, etc. will be distributed on CD-ROM. Video clips can be accessed and downloaded from the following FTP site:, User ID: vlado, Password: unistd.


Grading Policy


The following weights are assigned to coursework: In-class Participation 30%, Immersion activities 30%, Quizzes 20%, Final Exam 20%.
















“Narcotics” text

Movie: Ničija zemlja

Lecture: New words and new languages

Sevdalinka song #1; Conversation

General conversation with native speakers



Vratnik dialectal tape, part 1

Bosnian Muslim pop #1, Hajrić #1

“Mujahedins in Bosnia” text

TV show: Top lista nadrealista

Lecture: Demographics and daily life of Bosnian Muslims

Role playing: drug trafficking

Discussion about the current political situation in Bosnia



General Bosnian Muslim dialectal texts, part 1

Quiz # 1: Bosnian Muslim Vocabulary

“Prostitution” text

Movie: Mliječni put

Lecture: Bosnian Muslim Dialects

Role playing: Islamic terrorists

Discussion about the role of Islam in politics



Visoko dialectal texts, part 1

Bosnian Muslim Country # 1, Hajrić #2

“OBL in Bosnia” text

TV show: Audicija

Lecture: Political scene and political attitudes of Bosnian Muslims

Role playing: prostitution

Discussion about cultural treasures of Bosnia



Vratnik dialectal tape, part 2

Sevdalinka song # 2, Hajrić #3

“Bank robbery” text

Movie: Lepa sela lepo gore

Lecture: Bosnian Muslim high culture

Activity: Muslim names guessing

Visit to Bosnian stores and homes



Visit to the Bosnian Muslim Mosque in Phoenix

Visit to Café Sarajevo, tasting ethnic food and beverages, watching satellite TV in BCS


Visit to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Phoenix

Soccer game and barbecue with Bosnian immigrants


General Bosnian Muslim dialectal texts, part 2

Bosnian Muslim pop # 2, Hajrić #4

“Zenica prison” text

TV documentary

Lecture: Bosnian Muslim popular culture

Role playing: arms smuggling

Discussion about Bosnian sports and popular music



Visoko dialectal texts, part 1

Bosnian Muslim Country # 2, Hajrić #5

“Bosnian reis in the USA” text

Movie: Sjećaš li se Doli Bel?

Lecture: Bosnian Muslim slang

Role playing: black market

Discussion about economic situation in Bosnia



General Bosnian Muslim dialectal texts, part 1

Quiz # 2: Bosnian Muslim grammar, , Hajrić #6

“Algerian group” text

Islamic extremists tape

Lecture: Islam in Bosnia

Role playing: political discussions

Discussion about relations between Bosniacs, Croats, and Serbs



Slang texts, part 1

Sevdalinka song # 3, , Hajrić #7

“List of criminals” text

Movie: Otac na službenom putu

Lecture: Bosnian Muslim media and other sources of information

Role playing: people trafficking

Discussion about American role in the Balkans



Slang texts, part 2

Bosnian Muslim Country # 3, Hajrić #8

“Falsification” text

Final exam

End-of-course conversation and directions for further work