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  1. Karst and caves of Madagascar
  2. The karst of Namoroka and Narinda (Madagascar)

Australia & Oceania

  1. australian caves in art or caveart
  2. Karsts of Australia
  3. Australasian Cave & Karst Management Association (ACKMA) Home Page


  1. Ankara Caving
  2. Karst Dynamics Laboratory
  3. IGCP 379 "Karst Processes and the Carbon Cycle"
  4. Karst in Turkey by Kagan Kuyu


  1. Cerknica Polje
  2. Research Pages of Karst and Karst Water Resources
  3. Dolinen von Maulburg
  4. The Karst Research Institute, SAZU (Postojna, Slovenia)
  5. Brscice
  6. The Karst in November
  7. Carbonate Processes and Palaeoenvironments, University of Bristol
  8. CEK - Karst study center - Centre d'etude du karst
  9. KarstNet
  10. Karstica European Network
  11. Symposia on Karst Protection - Belgrade
  12. Climate Changes - the Karst record II
  13. Yugoslav karst
  14. Karst Phenomena
  15. Karsthydrographie im Bereich der Ortschaft Hasel nördlich von Wehr (Südbaden)
  16. Eine kurze Geschichte der Frankenalb
  17. The Limestone Research Group
  18. Wege im Klassischen Karst
  19. The Moravian Karst
  20. International Research and Application Center for Karst Water Resources
  21. Outline of Romanian Karst
  22. Slovene karst

North America

  1. Edwards Aquifer Authority
  2. Germany Valley Karst Survey
  3. KARST LANDSCAPES OF ILLINOIS — Dissolving bedrock and collapsing soil
  4. The Karst Inventory Standards and Procedures (KISP) Project
  5. Evolution of Karst in the Lower Suwannee River Basin, Florida
  6. Hydrogeology Consortium
  7. The Home of Karst on the Web
  8. Georgians for Pure Water
  9. SW Illinois Karst Priority Area
  10. Subsurface Evaluations, Inc.
  11. Black Hills Hydrology Study
  12. Living on Karst
  13. Center for Cave and Karst Studies--Western Kentucky University
  14. Physical Geology Tutor - Karst Features
  15. Karst, a Complex Landscape Sculptured by Water
  16. Karst in British Columbia
  17. Environmental and Engineering Hazards of Karst
  18. Karst Protection in Manitoba
  19. Michigan Karst Conservancy
  20. Ground Water - Surface Water Exchange in the Unconfined Karstified Floridan Aquifer
  21. Weathering and Karst
  22. The Woodville Karst Plain
  23. Canadian Underworld Tours and Adventures
  24. Indiana Karst Conservancy
  25. Missouri Springs - Jewels in the Ozarks
  26. Missouri Caves, Karst, and Springs
  27. Karst Resource Management Issues of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  28. The Karst Waters Institute
  29. Center for Cave and Karst Studies

South America

  1. South American Landscape

World / International

  1. Geography Matters for Cave and Karst Management and Research
  2. Le site de la karstologie
  3. Karst - Cool Word of the Day
  4. UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis
  5. Carbonates: Limestones & Dolostones
  6. Glossary of Karst related terms
  7. 3-D Geometric & Parameter Modeling of Phreatic Caves
  8. Glossary of Karst related terms by Arthur Clarke
  9. Sustainable Development & Management of Karst Terrain - IGU Karst Commission
  10. Speleology and Karstology from Links to Great Earth-Science Resources
  11. Geoindicators: Karst activity
  12. Cave and Karst Terminology by J.N. Jennings

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