POZNAN, 6-10 AUGUST 2001
General information

The Tenth International Conference on Random Structures and Algorithms will be held August 6-10, 2001 in Poznan by the Faculty of Mathematics of Adam Mickiewicz University at Hotel Trawinski. It will start Monday morning, August 6, and last through Friday evening, August 10, 2001.

Tentative list of plenary speakers:

Noga Alon
Jozsef Beck
Uriel Feige
Jeong Han Kim
Michel Talagrand
David Wilson
We reserve 60 minutes for a plenary talk and 25 minutes for each contributed talk.

The proceedings will appear as a special issue of "Random Structures and Algorithms"

Location and accommodation

The conference will be held in our traditional place nearby Cytadela Park, turned recently to a very nice four star "Hotel Trawinski" (see map). We have arranged with the hotel a special rate of 60$ for a single room, and 90$ (45$ per person) for a double room per night. Please note that this price includes a full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner!
You may prefer to choose a flat rate of 300$ (single occupancy) or 225$ (double occupancy) for 6 nights, starting from Sunday August 5 and ending on Saturday morning of August 11.
In order to guarantee your room you should pay a deposit of 60 USD by June 15. How to pay the deposit

How to get:

  • From the railway station to Hotel Trawinski:

    Take tram 10 or 11 at Most Dworcowy and go for 6 stops to Zniwna. Turn right into Zniwna street, you will see the hotel on the left.
    You will need half hour ticket. Buy it at a news stand - kiosk and remember to validate it aboard. (see map)

  • From the airport to Hotel Trawinski:

    Take bus 59 and go to Baltyk or 78 to Rondo Kaponiera, then take a tram 3, 10 or 11 and go 5 stops to Zniwna. Turn right into Zniwna street, you will see the hotel on the left.
    You will need 1 hour ticket for the whole ride and validate it once at the beginning.

    30 minute ticket costs 2 PLN, 1 hour - 3PLN
    luggage fee (if the size exceedes 25 x 45 x 65 cm): 2PLN for 0,5h and 3PLN for 1h.

Taxis in Poznań

If you want to use a taxi from either place we advise you to call "Radio Taxi", for example 919, 9667, 9664, 8 219 219 or 8 519 519. The information desk at the airport and a news stand in the main hall of the railway station can both do it for you. Obstain from taking a taxi cab directly from the line in front of the station/airport. You will be cheated w.h.p.


The registration fee is 500 zl (approximately $125) paid by cash at the registration desk upon arrival. This flat rate covers all social events. To register, fill in the Registration Form

Financial support

We might be in position to provide some financial support. So, if you are a student or unable to obtain support from other sources, please contact us as soon as possible.


In Poland the official currency is zloty (zl). You can exchange all major currencies into zloty at many places in Poznan. The current exchange rate is app. 4,2 zl for 1 USD. The rate can vary from day to day. Also, it is now easy to get cash advance on major credit cards, at several ATM's and banks located downtown.


Poznan is located halfway between Berlin and Warsaw and can be reached by train from either city or by plane from Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Hannover, Nürnberg and Warsaw.

From Warsaw
There are no more shuttle buses from Warsaw airport to Warszawa Centralna railway station. However you can take a taxi.

Taxis in Warsaw

Unlike in Poznan, it is safe to take a "Radio Taxi" from the line outside the airport terminal. There is a dispatcher who will call one for you. Reject any offer of taxi from individuals approaching you when leaving the terminal.

It takes about 2 hours 40 minutes by express train.

Direct trains from Warsaw:

 Warszawa Centralna   Poznan Gl.   train no.  	
 	 6:00 		 8:37 	    IC 1611
    	 6:45 		 9:27 	    EC 46
         7:15 		10:00 	    IC 1701 (except Sundays)			 
    	 8:15		11:06 	    EX 1811	 
         9:15 		11:55 	    IC 2700		 
	10:15 		13:15 	    EX 1710
	10:45 		13:27 	    EC 44	 
	13:15 		16:01 	    EX 1613	 
	14:15 		17:06 	    EX 1830	 
 	15:15 		17:50       IC 1615
        16:15  		18:53       IC 1703 (except Saturdays)
	16:45  		19:27       EC 40
 	17:15  		20:01       EX 2702
	18:15  		21:16       EX 1713 (except Saturdays)
	19:45 		22:36  	    EX 1705
	19:56 		22:55  	     P 248
 	22:20 		 2:11        P 18207
For IC (Intercity), EC (Eurocity) and EX (Express) trains a seat reservation is required. You may buy the ticket and seat reservation at the station.

For more information see:

From Berlin
There are three airports in Berlin and you can catch each train to Poznan at either the Zoologischer Garten or Ostbahnhof.

  • From Tegel-airport:

    take bus X9 (destination Hertzallee) to Zoologischer Garten.

  • From Schonefeld-airport:

    take S-Bahn S9 directly to Ostbahnhof.

  • From Tempelhof-airport:

    take U-Bahn U6 (destination Alt-Tegel) to Friedrichstrasse, then any S-Bahn (going East) to Ostbahnhof.

Allow 1h for journey from airport to Ostbahnhof and around 30 minutes from Tegel to Zoo (this does not include any time buffer for luggage retrieval or late arrivals). The whole ride costs about 4DM.

International trains need approximately 3 hours to get to Poznan from Berlin.

The following trains go directly to Poznan and are therefore the most convenient. They are all subject to compulsory reservation.

Berlin-Zoo  Berlin-Ostbahnhof  Poznan Gl.   train no.
 06:50 	       07:07             10:07        EC 41
 12:50	       13:07             16:07        EC 45
 17:00	       17:15             20:12        EC 47
 18:50	       19:07             22:15        EC 49

You can obtain other train connections from

If you plan to come by car and need directions please contact us by e-mail or look at Poznan interactive map as well as

Social events

A welcoming reception will be held on Monday evening. The excursion and a bonfire are planned on Wednesday.
The traditional "Run for a Random Distance" is scheduled for Tuesday.
Please, bring your running gear!

How to contact us

Adam Mickiewicz University
Department of Discrete Mathematics 
ul.Matejki 48/49
60-769 Poznan, Poland
Phone +48 61 866 4713
Fax +48 61 866 4713


Hotel phone: +48(61)827-58-00
Fax: +48(61)820-57-81

In emergency cases contact Michal Karonski +48(61)828-81-08(home)

long distance domestic call requires dialing a prefix 1033. For example to call our department from Warsaw dial 0-1033-61-8664713.

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