Roman Murawski

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Basic Information

  1. Name: Murawski
  2. Forename: Roman
  3. Date of birth: July 15, 1949
  4. Family Status: Married, one child
  5. Affiliation: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Adam Mickiewicz University, Matejki 48/49, 60-769 Poznań, Poland; Tel.: +48(0)61/8292620 or +48(0)61/829 26 00, Fax: +48(0)61/829 26 50
  6. Scientific degree: professor
  7. University Position: Full Professor, Head of the Department of Mathematical Logic
  8. E-mail address:


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7 books and 61 papers in Fundamenta Mathematicae, Zeitschrift für Mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik, Archive for Mathematical Logic, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, Historia Mathematica, Studia Logica, History and Philosophy of Logic, Reports on Mathematical Logic, Mathematische Semesterberichte, Modern Logic, Foundations of Science, Studia Filozoficzne (Philosophical Studies) and proceedings of various international congresses and conferences.


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