Invitation to the Workshop: Consciousness, Self and Subjectivity

Institute of Philosophy, Department of Cognitive Science and Epistemology NCU invites to the Workshop

Consciousness, Self and Subjectivity

which will take place on: MAY 17TH-18TH, 2016 in Toruń, Poland

The workshop is focused on the classical and new approaches to the philosophical and interdisciplinary research on consciousness. There are many reasons why the topic is a relevant subject in contemporary philosophy of mind.  One of them is that the immediate (pre-reflective) consciousness of our ‚self’ is not to be explained with dates of behavior or behavioral concepts. It requires a philosophical approach with reference to phenomenology, ontology and epistemology. Questions among others are: Is self-ascription in the I-perspective predicative (criterial)? Is self-ascription a kind of identification? Is self-knowledge a kind of self-consciousness? Does phenomenal consciousness have a priority over other mental states? []

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