Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies

Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies
1st International Avant-Conference 2013
8-10 November 2013, Torun, Poland

„Thinking with Hands, Eyes and Things”*
The claim that both the body and the environment are involved in our experience of the world is a banal claim. However, the point is what a great role in our mental processes is played by the whole body as well as its interactions with the environment. Cognition may involve integration with our tools, and we may even delegate some of our thinking to the environment. Conversely, there are many critical voices in answer to the statements above. We invite you to participate in the conference devoted to extra-neural aspects of cognition as well as controversies related to them.

Key speakers: Prof. David Kirsh (University of California at San Diego, USA), Prof. Anthony P. Chemero (University of Cincinnati, USA), Prof. Christopher Baber (University of Birmingham, UK)
Main Guests of special symposia: Prof. J. Kevin O’Regan, (Université Paris Descartes, France), Prof. Robert K. Logan (University of Toronto, Canada), Prof. Alan Costall (University of Portsmouth, UK)

Conference Website:
Deadline of abstract submission: 14th July 2013

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