Links to corpus linguistics & related sites

No major effort is made to update the links given here. I am working towards publishing my browser bookmarks instead (2005-12-13).

Here are some recommended online and offline tools for corpus work.

For a comprehensive, indexed and annotated set of links, go to David Lee's Bookmarks for Corpus Linguists page.


Corpus linguistics online bibliographies:


Corpus linguistics online courses, tutorial, glossaries:


Major corpus linguistics sites / projects:


Important personal corpora sites:


English corpora websites & online services:


Polish corpora online services:


Other text distributors & sites:


(Developers of ) downloadable software for corpus work:


Corpora & language teaching:


Corpora-related journals, bib sources, conference sites, web publications:


Websites of selected corpora events:


Other computational linguistics & language technology links:


Lexical & lexicographic resources:


Online libraries:


Linguistics publishers:


Other online journals & newsletters:


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