The present volume is a collection of papers devoted to logic, the foundations of mathematics, general and computer linguistics, the philosophy of language and general methodology of sciences. It is dedicated to Professor Maria Steffen-Batóg, a phonetician who heads the Department of Phonetics (Intitute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland) and Professor Tadeusz Batóg, a logician, who works at the Department of Mathematical Logic (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland).

The majority of the authors are from Adam Mickiewicz University. Hence the volume presents a group of logicians, linguists and philosophers from this institution as well as the research conducted there in the indicated fields.

Part 1 “Scientific Works of Maria Steffen-Batóg and Tadeusz Batóg” contains papers (by Lapis, Nowakowski and Pogonowski) which present the scientific achievements of Maria Steffen-Batóg (work on phonostatistics, speech recognition, algorithms of phonemic, phonetic and orthographic transcription, accent and intonation) as well as those of Tadeusz Batóg (logical reconstruction of phonology, work on philosophy of mathematics and logic, history of logic and textbooks on mathematical logic).

The papers of Part 2 “Mathematical Logic” are devoted to the theory of categorial grammars (Kandulski, Kolowska-Gawiejnowicz and Zielonka), to the foundations of mathematics (Murawski), to the theory of information systems (Buszkowski) and to deontic logic and its applications (Swirydowicz).

In Part 3 “Theoretical Linguistics” one can find papers on general and computer linguistics (by Karpinski, Maciejewski and Vetulani), formal pragmatics (by Wójcik and Zuber) and methodology of linguistics (by Jadacki and Zabrocki).

Finally, the papers in Part 4 “Philosophy of Language and Methodology of Sciences” touch upon selected problems of the philosophy of language (Luchowska and Wolenski) and general methodology (Kmita, Wiertlewski and Zamiara).

We would like to thank Professor Leszek Nowak for the initiative of publishing this volume. We thank also Michael A. Farris, B.A., Gerard T. Nawrocki, Ph.D. and Miroslaw Nowakowski, Ph.D., for proofreading the English and (in a few cases) translation from Polish to English.

Roman Murawski, Jerzy Pogonowski