Thematic Focus of Poznań Studies

Poznań Studies appears in the form of guest-edited volumes devoted to a discussion of a particular topic. (All volume proposals should be send to the editor-in-chief, see Instructions for Future Editors; all papers should be send to the particular guest-editor, see Calls for Papers and Instructions for Authors.) Although the mission of the journal is to offer a forum for the exchange of ideas on topics that have been at the center of discussion in Polish philosophy (see Mission Statement), it covers a wide variety of topics. Three thematic groups dominate the volumes published thus far:

Some volumes contain papers pertaining to the theories developed in Poznań’s philosophical environment, in particular: · Jerzy Kmita’s rationalist conception of the humanities (volumes 1-1, 5, 8), historical epistemology and sociopragmatic theory of culture (volumes 8, 9, 15, 45); · Leszek Nowak’s idealizational conception of science (volumes 1-1, 2-3, 8, 16, 17, 25, 34, 38, 42, 56), adaptational interpretation of historical materialism (volumes 6, 13), non-Marxian historical materialism (9, 13, 33); · Jerzy Topolski’s conception of the methodology of history (volumes 8, 18, 41); · Zygmunt Ziembiński’s conception of law (volumes 13, 52); · Jerzy Brzeziński’s conception of the methodology of behavioral sciences (volumes 8, 14, 31, 39, 56).

Another group of volumes focuses on the work of contemporary philosophers and philosophical schools, among them: Mario Bunge’s philosophical system (volume 18), L.J. Cohen’s philosophy of science (volume 21), Paul Weingartner’s analytic philosophy (volume 24), Lvov-Warsaw School (volume 28), social philosophy of the Mont Pelerin Society (volume 30), Else M. Barth’s empirical logic (volume 35), Agnes Heller’s social philosophy (volume 36), Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz’s logic and philosophy (volume 40), philosophy of science of T.A.F. Kuipers and the Groningen school (volume 45), Jaakko Hintikka’s philosophy of science (volume 51), Wilhelm Halbfass’ analyses of Indian philosophy (volume 59).

Some volumes contain papers written from the point of view of different paradigms but devoted to one particular issue, among them: verisimilitude, normativity, the testing of psychological models, role of ethics in law, intelligibility in science, the notion of model in science, modeling in economics, the methodological status of the humanities, theoretical problems of semiotics.

Poznań Studies has three subseries. The subseries on Idealization which has now entered its ninth volume. The second subseries on Polish Analytic Philosophers, sponsored by Komitet Nauk Filozoficznych PAN, will publish volumes containing the translations of the most important works by Polish analytic philosophers. The series will be initiated with a collection of articles by Kazimierz Twardowski (edited by J. Brandl and J. Woleński) and Tadeusz Czeżowski (edited by L. Gumański). In preparation are volumes on Jan Salamucha (edited by J.J. Jadacki), Leon Petrażycki (edited by J. Woleński), Izydora Dąmbska (edited by J. Perzanowski and J. Woleński), Adam Wiegner (edited by Izabela Nowak and Leszek Nowak). Forthcoming is another subseries on New Directions in Philosophy.

Among our authors are: Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz, E.W. Adams, Joseph Agassi, Evandro Agazzi, F.R. Ankersmit, K.-0. Apel, Lennart Åqvist, J.P. Arnason, Zdzisław Augustynek, Wolfgang Balzer, Étienne Balibar, Zygmunt Bauman, Johan van Benthem, Peter Bernholz, J. M. Bochenski, Raymon Boudon, Mario Bunge, Nancy Cartwright, H.-N. Castañeda, Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Alonzo Church, L.J. Cohen, Tadeusz Czeżowski, Brian Ellis, M.A. Finocchiaro, Antony Flew, A. Garciá de la Sienra, Maurice Godelier, Ernest Gellner, Jerzy Giedymin, Rom Harré, D. M. Hausman, Agnes Heller, David Hendry, Axel Honneth, Kevin D. Hoover, J.J. Jadacki, I.C. Jarvie, Martin Jay, Georges Kalinowski, Asa Kasher, Leon Koj, Georg Kreisel, T.A.F. Kuipers, Arne Naess, Kai Nielsen, Ilkka Niiniluoto, Gabriel Nuchelmans, T.R. Machan, Witold Marciszewski, Roman Murawski, Joseph Margolis, György Markus, C.U. Moulines, Jirzi Musil, Graham Oddie, Jacek Paśniczek, Marian Przełęcki, Karl R. Popper, Gerard Radnitzky, Veikko Rantala, Robert Rosenthal, R.L. Rosnow, Erhard Scheibe, P.M. Simons, Matti Sintonen, Barry Smith, Klemens Szaniawski, René Thom, Raimo Tuomela, Mihaily Vajda, John Watkins, Paul Weingartner, Jan Woleński, Ryszard Wójcicki, Georg H. von Wright, Zygmunt Ziembiński.