Papers submitted to the Conference

Martin Bažil, Feces super culum. La fonction des éléments scatologiques et sexuels dans le "Mastičkář" vieux-tchèque (Marchand d'onguents, XIVe siècle)

Piotr Bering, Opus oratorium. Between rhetoric and acting

Mary Maxine Browne, The Performance of the Moral Choice: Sense and Sensing in the Late Medieval Morality Drama

Robert Clark and Isabelle Ragnard, Celebrating France’s Medieval Past under the Eye of Vichy: Jacques Copeau’s Production of the Miracle du pain doré (Beaune, 21-22 July 1943)

Peter Cocozzella, The Isidorian Paradigm: A Key to the Drama Latent in Spanish Love-Centered Literature of the Fifteenth Century

Katalin Czibula, Patterns of the Antiquity and the Renaissance in the 16th Century Hungarian Dramatic Practice

Andrzej Dąbrówka, Mors et Vita - Another Easter Trope Drama

Júlia Demeter, The Csikomlyó passion plays

Cora Dietl, A Polemical Theatre Review on Stage: Johannes Cochlaeus' "Heimlich gsprech Vonn der Tragedia Johannis Hussen (1538)"

Garrett Epp, Stages of pedagogy: teaching early English theatre through performance

Ernst Gerhardt, Feeding the Audience: Food at Sixteenth-Century East Anglian Parish Plays

Klementyna Glińska, Gustave Cohen et la construction du genre de comedie latine medievale

Heidy Greco-Kaufmann, Theatrical actions during carnival and religious disputes. The Bernese way of promoting reformations ideas

Vicki Hamblin, Putting People in their Place in French Hagiographic Mystery Plays

Max Harris, A Short History of the Palmesel in Germany, Italy, and Bolivia

Elke Huwiler, Medieval Traditions and Protestant Thoughts: Political Plays in Zurich 1500-1550

Jacqueline Jenkins, Performance Remains in TCD MS 432

Alexandra F. Johnston, Know your audience

Pamela M. King, Poetics and beyond: noisy bodies and aural variations in medieval English outdoor performance

Sharon King, Caught in the (One-)Act: Staging Sex in Late Medieval French Farce

Gordon Kipling, Richard Carew. The Ordinary, The Ordinalia, and the Ordinary Actor on the Medieval Cornish Stage

Mariana Lopez, Sandra Pauletto, The "York Mystery Plays": Acoustics and Staging in "Stonegate"

Nicole Lorenz, The Shift of Function and The Application of Prayers in Reformation Theatre in Saxony

Piotr Morawski, "Leder bag for ye blode": establishing of the sacred on medieval stage

Émilie Pilon-David. "Or paict!": dire le silence dans la farce médiévale

Eliška Poláčková, Ungeuntarius or the Ointment Seller: omnipresent character in European medieval drama

Rebekka Rehbach, A project started in Munich (Germany) to perform the „Ludus de Antichristo“ from Tegernsee

Klaus Ridder, Beatrice von Lüpke, Rebekka Nöcker, La théâtre carnavalesque: une menace de l'ordre urbain au Moyen Âge tardif et pendant la Réforme

Jolanta Rzegocka, Edmund Campion’s Plays is Central Europe

Charlotte Steenbrugge, Expositors in the N-Town Cycle

Eva Stehllíková, Two hundred years in the struggle to interpret the medieval Czech sacred farce

Kateřina Vršecká, Rubrics of medieval drama and modern theories of stage directions

Martin Walsh, Taking (and Giving) Blows: Patterns of Violence and Spectacle in Le Mystère de Saint Martin (1496)