ArtistJoshua Redman
Album TitleWish
Date of Release1993 (approx.) - in print
AMG Rating (Best-of-Genre - First Pick)
StylesPost-Bop, Hard Bop
Time61:45 minutes

Album Review
Joshua Redman may be the person to unite warring sects, since he is neither a committed neobop conservative nor a jazz/hip-hopper or "acid" player. He is one of the few young lions that has made great music from day one. Redman's soaring tone, intelligently constructed solos, control, and ability to play riveting uptempo, midtempo, or slow works has justifiably made him a sensation. When the lineup includes Pat Metheny offering marvelous solos on electric and acoustic and Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins being their customary masterful selves on bass and drums, you have the kind of great, uncompromising jazz work you seldom get from a major label in the 1990s. -- Ron Wynn
Album Releases
- CDWarner Brothers45365-2
- CSWarner Brothers45365-4
Billy Higgins- Drums
Pat Metheny- Guitar
Joshua Redman- Sax (Tenor)
Greg Calbi- mastering
James Farber- Engineer, Mixing
Charlie Haden- Bass
Aaron Kropf- Assistant Engineer
Matt Pierson- Producer
Chris Albert- Assistant Engineer
Robert Smith- Assistant Engineer
Dann Wojinar- Assistant Engineer
Jennifer Zeitlin- Production Coordination
1.Turnaround (Coleman, Ornette) - 6:24
2.Soul Dance (Redman, Joshua) - 6:34
3.Make Sure You're Sure (Wonder, Stevie) - 5:24
4.Deserving Many (Redman, Joshua) - 5:39
5.We Had a Sister (Metheny, Pat) - 5:46
6.Moose the Mooche (Parker, Charlie) - 3:32
7.Tears in Heaven (Clapton, Eric #2) - 3:21
8.Whittlin' (Metheny, Pat) - 5:21
9.Wish [live] (Redman, Joshua) - 7:26
10.Blues for Pat [live] (Haden, Charlie) - 12:08

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