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Prof. UAM dr hab. Nicole Nau

Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza
Instytut Językoznawstwa
Zakład Bałtologii
al. Niepodległości 4
PL 61-874 Poznań, Polska
naunicol [apud] amu.edu.pl

Research interests (past & present)

Areal linguistics, animacy, languages around the Baltic Sea, borrowing, Clause-combining, connectives, contact induced language change, communicative grammar, Descriptive grammar, definiteness, dialects, European languages, evidentiality, Finnish, fairytales, Grammaticalization, grammar and genre, grammar in language teaching, History of linguistics, Inflexion and derivation, infinitives, Latvian, Latgalian, logophoric pronouns, Mood and modality, multilingual Riga, NPs, Onomasiological approaches to grammar, Polyphony, language planning and language policy, pronouns, particles, Quotations, Reported discourse, represented speech, relative clauses, Spoken language, sociolinguistics, syntactic categories, Typology, Universals, Stefania Ulanowska, Varieties, vocatives, verbal hendiadys, Word-classes, word-formation, wh-words.