Kognitywistyka: tworzenie pojęć i rozumowanie

2015/2016 edition:

This module consists of 30 hrs of lectures (slightly interactive, see in fact). The first part will be delivered by Mariusz Urbański, the second part by Frank Zenker.

MU-part (in Polish)
9.45 — 13.00, room 110, Międzychodzka 5.

FZ-part (in English)
15.00 — 17.15, room 70, building AB, Szamarzewskiego 89


  • 11.04.16 Standard Methodological Issues of Empirical Research on Human Reasoning.
  • 12.04.16 Choice of Normative Standard; Meaning Coordination between Experimenter and Subject; Verbatim Protocols; Mock Empirical Study (?Linda Problem?).
  • 13.04.16 Results of Mock Study and Discussion; Assessing the formal model 1 (logical models); Student Presentation and Feedback 1.
  • 14.04.16 Quiz, Assessing the formal model 2 (probabilistic models); Student Presentation and Feedback 2.
  • 15.04.16 Course Summary; key lessons; directions for future research; final discussion.

either an oral exam (conducted by MU, in Polish or in English) or a short paper (in English, max. 5000 words; assessed by FZ).

by appointments: here