Marek Kamiñski: Solo in Antarctica


Season's Greetings

Polska Gwiazdka na Biegunach
Polish Christmas in Polar Regions

Polar Bookmarks

ADD - International Arctic Environmental Data Directory
Adventure tours to Greenland
Antarctic Development Squadron Six
Antarctic Support Associates
Antarctic Surface Temp and Pressure Dataset Document
Antarctica: A Resource For Teachers and Students
Antarctica - GDS
Arctic and Antarctic Books
Arctic Bibliographic Databases
Arctic Centre
Arctic Circle
Arctic Information Sources
ARSC Home Page
Australian Antarctic Division
Barents Information System
British Antarctic Survey Home Page
Byrd Polar Research Home Page
The CARA research site, South Pole, Antarctica
Cold Regions Research Element
Elisha Kent Kane's Historical Society
End of the South
Finnmark Research Centre
Frequently Asked Questions About Antarctica
Gateway to Antarctica N.Z.
The geographic South Pole
A history of South Pole exploration
Home Page ANTAR (=a3home)
Hydrographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean
Ice velocity at the South Pole
Instituto Antártico Chileno - INACH
International Arctic Science Committee - IASC
Joint Australian Centre for Astrophysical Research in Antarctic
The Journalist's Guide to the South Pole
Journey to the Poles
Live From Antarctica
Living and Working at the South Pole
MSSS Antarctic Research
MSSS Antarctic Research
National Ice Core Laboratory
National Snow and Ice Data Center
The New South Polar Times
Norsk Polarinstitutt WWW-server
Northern Explorer
The Norwegian Greenland Expedition: ITTOQQORTOORMIIT - 95
Polar Programs in NSF
The Polar Regions - homepage
Polar Research and Cold Region Technology
Polar Science Center, APL-UW
Polar Technology Programme
The Polish Antarctic Station, Henryk Arctowski
The race to the South Pole
Russian Arctic Oil Pipeline Spill
Scott Polar Research Institute
Science Programs at South Pole Station
Selected daily O3 observations for the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station
Snow Hydrology Research Group
South Pole Instrument-Mounting Space
South Pole Observatory -- South Pole, Antarctica
South Pole: Where to find more information
The SPASE South Pole Air Shower Array
Svalbard - Polar Expedition '95
Teddy's General Information about Antarctica
To the Bottom of the Earth
A Tourist Expedition to Antarctica
UNIS - The University Courses on Svalbard
United States Antarctic Research
United States Arctic Research Program
Virtual tour - Welcome to Antarctica!
A visitor's introduction to Antarctica and its environment
Virtual Antarctica
Welcome to SAM - Survey of Arctic Meetings
Will the Real South Pole Please Stand Up?
The World Factbook 1995 - Antarctica
The World Factbook 1995 - Arctic Ocean
The World Factbook 1995 - French Southern and Antarctic Lands
The World Factbook 1995 - Greenland
The World Factbook 1995 - Svalbard

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