Marek Kamiñski

Marek Kamiñski - 31 years old, he studied philosophy and physics. For many years he travelled on all continents except Australia. More important expeditions: Sahara, Russian Far East, Central Asia. Fascinated with jungle and old cities of May travelled to Youcatan, jungle on the border of Mexico and Guatemala (1985), jungle - Bonampak, Yanchilan, Rio Usumascinta (1987). Making the way of Ludwig Wittgenstein - the philosopher , in Northern Norway. He walked 400 km on ski on Spitsbergen (1990) and traversed 600 km through Greenland (1993).

Marek Kamiñski is a winner of the first Polish edition of the international Young Business Achiever Contest 1994. He is director and owner of GAMA-SAN. This firm is organizer of his expedition.

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Last Updated: 14 December 1995