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37th International Conference of the Polish Phycological Society

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Kraków-Dobczyce, Jałowcowa Góra, Poland
22-25 May 2018



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Species Distribution Modeling - course (FEPS)

Oostende, Belgium
12 - 16 March 2018
Deadline: 14.01.2018

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The logo of Polish Phycological Society, designed by dr Iwona Łaźniewska contains a drawing of Peridiniopsis polonicum (Wołoszyńska) Bourrelly.

The idea to establish the Polish Phycological Society was born in September 2004, during a session of the Phycological Section, Polish Botanic Society in Toruń and Bydgoszcz. A year later, on 20th May 2005, when the PBS Phycological Section met in Krynica Morska, during a General Meeting a resolution was taken to form the Polish Phycological Society, an association of Polish phycologists from scientific establishments, universities and field sites, which conduct research into the taxonomy and ecology of algae and bluegreen algae.

Polish Phycological Society obtained official registration on 7th December 2005 in the District Court of Poznań, with registered office at the Department of Hydrobiology, Institute of Environmental Biology, Faculty of Biology of the Adam Mickiewicz University (address: ul. Umultowska 89, 61-614 Poznań, e-mail: fykolog@amu.edu.pl).

Polish Phycologists boast abundant scientific achievements and participation in the works of various specialised bodies in Poland and worldwide. This enables a comprehensive interaction with different levels of state administrative bodies and companies exploiting surface waters and conducting related assessments of the condition of environment.

The wide-ranging applicability of scientific research and the fact that pioneering research results may promptly be utilised may well contribute to the increase of significance of Polish scientific thought as well as the fulfilment of EU requirements in that respect, which has already received outstanding marks.

The necessity to provide evaluations, as required by the Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection, with the purpose of assessing the ecological status of standing and flowing waters will, in the future, include all water bodies under the „Natura 2000” programme, as well as water ecosystems both entailed and not as yet entered into the regional and national monitoring programmes.

In the light of global threats, understood as invasive species, which quickly transform the indigenous biology and ecology of our lakes and rivers, as well as the shortage or improper execution of spatial development with regard to drainage basins of water ecosystems in certain areas of Poland, there is a need of urgent intervention, in the best interests of protection. The phycological assessment of such bodies of water may provide a quick answer to the following:

Zakład Hydrobiologii
Wydział Biologii UAM
ul. Umultowska 89
61-614 Poznan
tel/fax: (061) 8295765
e-mail: fykolog@amu.edu.pl

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