Volume XXXIII (2005)

  • Jerzy Browkin & Eduard WirsingRank two matrices with elements of norm 1; 7-14 View PDF
  • Yongsheng Han & Dachun YangInhomogeneous discrete Calderón reproducing formulae associated to para-accretive functions on metric measure spaces; 15-55 View PDF
  • Jean-Marie de Koninck & Florian LucaIntegers representable as the sum of powers of their prime factors; 57-72 View PDF
  • Lanzhe LiuBoundedness for multilinear Marcinkiewicz operators on Triebel-Lizorkin spaces; 73-84 View PDF
  • Pieter MoreeOn prime p for which d divides $ord_p(g)$; 85-95 View PDF
  • Maciej RadziejewskiOn the zeros of functions from the extended Selberg class of degree 0; 97-100 View PDF
  • Jan VybÍralA diagonal embedding theorem for function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness; 101-120 View PDF
  • Kazimierz WiertelakOn the density of some sets of primes, V; 121-127 View PDF