Manuscript submission

Papers for publication in Commentationes Mathematicae may be sent directly to the editor or to any member of Editorial Board. A paper submitted to Commentationes Mathematicae must be original and well-written. Badly written papers will be automatically rejected. Papers should be written in English; papers written in French are acceptable, but English summary is required in such a case. By submission of a manuscript the author acknowledges that the paper has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. The paper should include an abstract of the paper, the author's e-mail address and mailing address. After acceptance the authors will be asked to send the \LaTeX{} file of the paper. We have prepared a suitable \LaTeX{} document class available on our website.


(To download a file, click it with the right mouse button and select "Save as...".)

Last update: 21/01/2007, Wojciech Kowalewski.