Taoism in its highest form incorporates a highly pure form of naturalistic mysticism. By means of meditation and a general transformation of the mind and spirit Taoism seeks to return to the One.

In Taoism the spirit, realising its Original Nature, expands to become Reality. This is not a loss of individuality, but an enlargement of individuality to universality. Only a limited mode of consciousness keeps us from enjoying our infinite nature.

Taoist mysticism aims at helping us to intuit the fact that we have always been of the same nature and reality and essence as all that is. When this is clearly understood, it gives increased value to the things of daily life, which are not in any sense obliterated or made unreal, but are rather enhanced in significance by their perceived participation in the Tao.

The Taoist mystic sees that he is imperishable, for however much things may change, the Tao is never lost.