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Experiences with Xeon X3360 system


I did not expect that it will be so easy. I have Esprimo P7935 , equipped with Xeon 3360 4 core processor(4x2830MHZ) 12 MB cache and ICH10 chipset. Allows for maximum 16 GB RAM.

So what I have done.

I have installed bootit from , created few Coherent partitions with it, and then copied images created on ThinkCentre P4 machine with the help of IMAGE for DOS. Both BOOTIT and IMAGE programs were on CD, although Esprimo has floppy drive too.

And it booted out of the box, because at driver supports ICH chipsets up to the ICH10. Copied boot partition contained of course already kernels created on the ThinCentre PC . Only simplest kernel was tested(at,bmps,fdc,vtkb,rm,pty).

So far so good. Now I have to test which other drivers work OK, including network ones. DVD Atapi driver should work out of the box I suspect.

Floppy drive should work too, I did not install it yet.

In principle this small „success” is not so suprising , because it is known that x64 processors allow for booting 32 bit OS.

This PC is almost noiseless, simply amazing box. I hope also to be able to test for the first time PCI-E devices. Perhaps graphic card or network one.

This will motivate me also to look how to add SMP support to Coherent. Not an easy task.

Update 30.10.2014

Other drivers work fine as expected. Including those for floppy,r8169 and atapi.

Atapi driver works fine for SATA DVD drive.

New driver implemented , namely for PCI-e SATA controller with SIL3132 chip.

Xfree-4.4 and Xfree-4.8 work fine, tested with Quadro NVS 280 PCI card.

Update 12.12.2014

gnuplot-5.0.rc1 ported , optional libgd-2.1.0 is used more

Last update :12.9.2014