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Driver for Sil3112A RAID controller


Driver for Sil3112z RAID controllers implemented and working.

Very interesting design, fully conforms to PCI/ATA/SATA specs, it does not mean it was easier to implement than the driver for vt6421.

General features supported by controller

  • two SATA channels (up to 1,5 Gb/s)

  • two internal SATA ports. One can easily add external port functionality , but not tested yet

Chips tested/planned and supported

  • tested: Sil3112 PCI card supplied by ebay, sellers from China

  • ….

Drives tested

  • 40 GB Seagate Sata 1 drive connected to Sil3112 card in VA503 with K6-300 MHZ

Features supported by driver

  • sil driver special files have major number different from standard 11, it means some utilities may not work and must be modified, for example fdisk etc....

  • interrupt sharing must be taken into account, BIOS assigns in our case the IRQ 5 to sil3112(on VA503).

  • This PCI card is bootable !!!

  • works in PIO mode

  • works in udma 5 mode

  • tested as standalone driver, without at driver active

  • ...

Possible applications

  • it allows to use SATA drives in older computers

  • it should help to install and boot Coherent in newer desktop computers , which use IDE/SATA controllers not supported by Coherent

  • backup

  • software RAID or perhaps even hardware RAID, configurable via bootable BIOS

  • ...

Status : beta, stable


  • sil3112A Datasheets

  • Linux sata_sil driver