Andrzej Popielewicz Phd

Applied Informatics Division
Institute of Physics UAM



/rdb for Coherent 4.2.x 

 What You need


  • install rdb using Makefile in rdb, customize Makefile before

  • read rdb documentation

  • rdbi command for interactive use is recommended as a first step

  • dataent command works in line modus only (-line)


  • If You succeed to port cterm , it will probably not work correctly, but perhaps You are lucky .Our port of cterm does not work with our perl.Our port of cterm works with original mwc perl 4.x , but other rdb commands do not.

  • use dataent line modus instead

  • use rather our port of perl 5.x

  • perl 5.x was tested only

   Have a fun !