Dynamika transportu fluwialnego górnej Parsêty jako odbicie funkcjonowania systemu zlewni

Dynamics of fluvial transport of the upper Parsêta River as a response of the catchment system

Andrzej Kostrzewski, Malgorzata Mazurek, Zbigniew Zwoliñski

3. Study area

The study area embraces the upper ParsÍta catchment with its diversified internal structure defined by the system of subcatchments (Fig. 3.1, Table 3.1). The catchment is situated in West Pomerania Lakeland. It covers 74 km2 and its circumference is 58.3 km. The average gradient of its surface amounts to 8.4 promile. The length of the main river, closed by the hydrometric profile at Storkowo (the location of the Adam Mickiewicz University Geoecological Station) equals 13.26 km. Within the upper ParsÍta catchment 10 subcatchments have been distinguished differing in size, morphology, lithology, soil and land-use pattern (Fig. 3.1).

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