Dynamika transportu fluwialnego górnej Parsêty jako odbicie funkcjonowania systemu zlewni

Dynamics of fluvial transport of the upper Parsêta River as a response of the catchment system

Andrzej Kostrzewski, Malgorzata Mazurek, Zbigniew Zwoliñski

2. Methodological assumptions of the research programme

The programme of research in the upper ParsÍta catchment is carried out in accordance with the methodological assumptions adopted, which in turn derive from Cholley's concept of a denudation system (Tricart 1960) and Bertallanffy's (1984) systems theory. The basic assumption is the already established regularity: the kind and amount of material flowing through the profile closing the catchment reflect current geomorphological processes taking place in the river channel and catchment. The upper ParsÍta catchment is treated as an independent denudation system termed a geoecosystem (Kostrzewski 1986, 1993a, b). The research programme was organised and implemented following a diagram of the operation of the contemporary denudation system of the upper ParsÍta catchment (Fig. 2.1). The diagram provided a basis for the verification of assumptions made and regularities formulated.

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