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grammar 3

End focus and fronting

Rewrite the following sentences to give end-focus to the underlined elements.

  1. I enjoy Mahler more than any other composer.
  2. A man in a black raincoat bought the Sheraton chairs.
  3. Staying at Luke's was never boring.
  4. A rifle shot interrupted our picnic.
  5. It was the following Tuesday that the rains started.
  6. They love it and we love it too.
  7. My lawn will not be ruined by any moles.
  8. There was a fanfare and the champion marched in.
  9. I shouldn't think so.
  10. He can't write and he can't read, by all accounts.

Rewrite the following, fronting the underlined word(s) and using any necessary inversion.

  1. Our favourite is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.
  2. He'd never heard of such a thing.
  3. I told him, 'I am optimistic.'
  4. The President jumped up, his face burning.
  5. The President said, 'Resign? I shall never resign.'
  6. They ran off at full speed.
  7. Her entrance was such that every voice was stilled.
  8. It was the dog that died.
  9. They are here.
  10. He was not very angry, either.